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Start of the Project Wishlist

Feb 5, 2009 at 11:54 AM
Since this project is just starting I thought it would be nice to get some ideas for implementation features.  By doing doing this early in the project lifecycle we might be better able to not make any real architectural mistakes.

My first thoughts are:

  1. Asyncronous loading - log files can get big and thus may take a long time to load.  Since the initial design of Log Viewer allows for log entries to not be loaded, it is quite possible that many entries in a large log file will not be loaded and therefor the footprint of a loaded log will not be large, but it may take some time to actually load the file.  By asyncronously loading the file, you may be able to start viewing information of interest even before the file is fully loaded.
  2. Allow for different types of logs to be loaded into Log Viewer - this is a core requirement for Log Viewer.  There are many types of log files out there and many types of viewers for them each with its own way of working with the log file.  It would be nice to learn how to use one viewer and then have it learn how to work with the many different log file types.